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  • American Railroad Expansion & History

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    American Railroad Expansion & History

    This DVD is a collection of films on American Railroad History and Expansion that made United States what we are today.  Before Railroad transportation, the only way a human could travel was either by foot, horse or by boat.  All very slow modes of transportation.  As American wanted to expand west to the "NEW FRONTIER", the invention of the Railroads came into being, and without it, who knows were we would be today.  This is that story of how the railroads help to expand the west.  We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "The Railroad Builders". This the story of the men who built the railroads in America and to the west and their struggles.   Runtime 13:46 Min's

    2nd Film; " Railroad History 1800 to 1845".  As a new nation, America wanted to expand and discover the new world just west of 13 colonies.  It was this time period the Railroads were being invented and quickly developed into a great mode of transportation in the Eastern state regions.   Runtime 14:36 Min's

    3rd Film; " Railroad History 1845 to 1865". This is about the fast pace of the railroad expansion to the Mississippi river and the need to develop a TIME Zones so railroads the would not run into each other.  Railroads grew at an astounding rate right into the Civil War.    Runtime 14:52 Min's

    4th Film; " Railroad History 1865 to 1900". After the Civil War, the Railroads built lines all the way to the Pacific Coast.  The toughest development was the building the railroads through the Rocky Mtns.  The term, "Hell on Wheels" was stated because of this struggle.  Runtime 16:49 min's

    5th Film; " Railroad History Stories 1900 to 1955".  This is VARY RARE collection of short film stories on the old Steam engines that ends with a RARE story by Sante Fe called "The end of Steam" Runtime  9:44 min's


    6th Film; "Last of the BigBoys"  This is a short film collection of a steam engine overhaul at the factory, Plus amazing footage of the Last able Big Boy Steam Engine being prepared for the Union Pacific to put back into service.  We filmed this last able Big Boy on 1-10-14 as it was being worked on. Amazing!!  Runtime 7:37 Min's

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