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    Anti-Submarine Warfare


    America was and is built on Free Trade, The Russians believed to control the world, you must stop free trade, thus, the Russians build a vast fleet of diesel  submarine to threaten the world. The USN developed the ASW program to counter this threat.

    This DVD is about The USN Anti-Submarine Warfare, Fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft, such as the P-3 Orion provide both a sensor and weapons platform as do some helicopters like the SH2a, with Sonobuoys and-or dipping sonar as well as aerial torpedoes. In other cases the helicopter has been used solely for sensing or rocket-delivered torpedoes used as the weapon. Surface ships continue to be a main ASW platform because of their endurance, now having array towed sonars. Submarines are the main ASW platform because of their ability to change depth and their quietness, which aids detection of enemy submarines.

    1st Film: "To Catch A Shadow". This is a story about ASW against Soviet Navy Submarines.  Using the famous P-3 Orion, S2 Tracker, Sea Kings helicopters and P2 Neptune's to hunt an enemy submarine. The USS Yorktown CV-10 patrols the seas with a convoy of Destroyers and subs to find and track Russian submarines.  Great story of that action.  Interesting is a 15 sec film clip used in this film of the SSN-589 on the surface,  A very famous submarine that went down in history.  Amazing You might want to look up SSN-589. Runtime 29:04 Min's.

    2nd Film: "The ASW Hunter Killers" .  This ASW film highlights the USS Wasp CV-18, the Grumman S2 Trackers and Helicopters to track Russian submarines.  Great footage of all three USN assets as  new sailors join the hunt. Runtime 13:52 Min's

    3rd Film: "Goblins At Your Doorstep". This tells the story from the USS Randolph (CV-15), plus DD- 943 and DD-837 about how the planes, and ships hunt the enemy.  Aircraft used are the S2 Tracker, CH-34 , AD Skyraiders,  P-2 Neptune's against our Trench-class diesel submarines used for training. Runtime 28:13 Min's

    4th Film: "Anti-Submarine Newsreels". This is a collection of 5 ASW films. 1st; Cuban Crisis. 2nd; New High speed Helicopter UH-2a Sea Sprite. 3rd; Sky Jinks-Helicopter torpedo drone. 4th; Speed runs, New A4 Phantom and Hs-s2 Sea king. 5th; P3 Orion added to fleet. Runtime 14:32 Min's

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