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  • Army Fixed-Wing Aircraft - C-7a Carabou - OV-10 Mohawk - U-1a Otter - U-6 Beaver - O-1 Birddog

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    Army Fixed Wing Aircraft

    After 1947, The air arm of the USAAF was transferred to the USAF and the bulg of the aviation went to the USAF. Large transports and fighters went there, but the Army still needed quick "Field" deployment  of it's soldiers and small fixed wing aircraft fight the need along with the development of the helicopters. This is some of the Army's fixed wing aircraft used for that purpose in the Korean War and in Vietnam.

    1st Film; Wing on the Tree Tops"  This is an Army film explaining the need for "Air Mobility".  The film edited to emphasize the fixed wing aircraft used. 11:15 M

    2nd Film; "; "C7-A Caribou Operations". An Army film on the C-7a Caribou and it's use in Vietnam. At 28k lbs, it was a great short field hauler of troops and cargo.  This film show how they used the plane for "gravity drops" of supplies, "skids drops", short field landing of troops and supplies and dropping paratroops in Vietnam.  23:04 M

    3rd Film; "OV-1 Mohawk  A collection of films on the OV-1 Mohawk.  1st,  the review of the Mohawk and it's function to the Army and then on to support "Forward Air Mobile stations" with gathering photos and infrared recons of the enemy.  10:24 M.

    4th Film; "U-1 Otter"  The Otter was a short Troop hauler.  Great for landing 19 fully equipped  troops on open fields and carrying paratroopers for quick deployment.  This collection also show the development on Army HALO system. 21:07 M.

    5th Film; "L-20 U-6 Beaver" The L-20 Beaver was used an inexpensive  transportation of officers, supplies, mail delivery and even  Photo recon to track  the enemy  below. 10:53 M

    6th Film; "L-19 O-1 Bird Dog"  So Small, So Slow, but So Effective!  This is a collection of the Cessna L-19/O-1 being use for artillery verification in Korea and FAC (Forward Air Command) dropping leaflets in Vietnam. 10:16 M

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