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  • Battle of North Africa

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    Battle of North Africa

    The North African Campaign

    WW2-- Allies vs the Afrika Korps

    This DVD is a collection of films and newsreels of the Battle of North Africa.  The Russians were demanding a second front to put pressure on the German Army, so the Allies agreed to invade North Africa starting in Morocco.    We hope you'll enjoy!

    1st Film: "Operation Torch". A Victory at Sea film titled "Sand and Sea".  Allies agreed to open a send front to help Russia, So, the Americans and the British invaded North Western Africa (French Morocco) called Operation Torch lead by General Patton. Then onto Tunisia. 26:22 Min's

    2nd Film: "Battle of Tunisia". AS the Allies push on to Tunisia, Rommel, AKA The Desert Fox, out maneuvers the allies and takes Tunisia.  The Allies have to push Rommel out. 5:26 min's

    3rd Film;"Desert Victory Pt 1". A British film on the struggle to win back North Africa from the Italians and the Nazis.  1st part is from Tunisia to Egypt . 28.29 Min's

    4th Film: "Desert Victory Pt 2". A seesaw battle continues with the Desert Fox's Afrika Korps. Multiple battles from El Alamein to the final Desert Victory. 30:22 Min's

    5th Film: " Air Power in Africa". The Allies couldn't have won in Africa if it wasn't for the Air Arm. From Nov, 1942 to May 1943, The Air Wing helped secure the Allied Victory in North Africa.  12:56 Min's

    6th Film: "Rommel is Defeated".  A short newsreel on the defeat of Rommel. 4:19 Min's

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