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  • Battle of Okinawa

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    Battle of Okinawa  "The Last Battle of WWII"

    This DVD is about the"6th Marine Division on Okinawa". Over 50 min's long in good color and very RARE. The 6th Marine Division was the only Marine division that was created in the Pacific and was later dissolved in the Pacific after WW2. Trained on Guadalcanal in Sept. 1944, they fought in The Battle of Guam and the last battle of the war; OKINAWA!!! It turned out to be the most bloodiest and last battle of the war. At the time, the troops were being told that they were going to invade Japan main island after Okinawa and all were appalled at the staggering losses on both sides. It was one of the reasons President Truman dropped the bomb because it was believed as many as 1 million casualties would be taken if it was anything like Okinawa. This is a real piece of history and we included over 40 min's of Pacific island war Newsreels with this DVD.

    1st Film; "6th Marine Division on Okinawa". This is a 50 min film by the Navy about the Marines landing, fighting and dying on Okinawa. From Alligators bringing the troops on shore, to weeks of fighting and eventually the surrender of the citizens to the Marines. This film is in color. Runtime 52.23 Min's

    2nd Film; "Pacific War Newsreels". This is a collection of Pacific Island Newsreels that tell the story from Guadalcanal to the end at Okinawa. Very Important footage and stories. 1st, Guadalcanal. 2nd, Latest War News in Pacific. 3rd, War in New Guinea. 4th, Tarawa. 5th, New Guinea Captured. 6th, Victory in Marshall Islands. 7th, Macarthur Returns. 8th, Liberation if Manila. 9th, Raising the Flag over Iwo Jima. 10th, Last Victory in Okinawa. Runtime 39:28 Min's

    3rd Film; "Return to Guam". The 6th Marines help retake the Guam island, but this story is about the sole survivor Navy man George Treed and how he evaded the Japanese for over 30 month until the US Navy returned. Terrible atrocities were ministered by the Japanese to the People of Guam and George tells about it. Plus much more to this film. Amazing True Story!! Runtime 17:47 Min's

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