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  • Battle of the Bulge - The Infantry Struggle

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    The Battle of the Bulge-The Infantry Struggle 

    The Germans were loosing the War so, Hitler gambled with his last major campaign of the war, Operation, "Watch on the Rhine".  It soon was known as the Battle of the Bulge, launched on Dec. 16th, 1944. These old vintage films tell stories from the infantrymen's side of the event and their desperate struggle to survive and win at all costs. Amazing. We hope you'll enjoy!    

    1st Film; "The Battle of St. Vith, Part 1".  Part 1 of a 2 part story: the surprise attack by the 5th and 6th Panzer Division supported by the 7th German Army in Battle of the Bulge at St. Vith.  Runtime 27:57 Min's

     2nd Film"The Battle of St. Vith, Part 2". Part 2: The Americans fought the Germans with the 106th Engineers, 7th Armored, and then eventually by the 82nd Airborne Division. By the 22nd, of Dec 1944, the Americans had to fall back to the west. Runtime 28:12 

    3rd Film; "The Battle at Marche".  On 22nd of Dec., the 84th Infantry Division was ordered to defend the town of Marche at all costs to stop the Germans from to getting to Antwerp. Runtime 13:01 Min's 

    4th Film; "Battle at Bastogne".  An infantryman's story spanning from the landing on D-Day to the rest area in the forests of the Ardennes, only to turn into the worst battle of WW2, The Battle of the Bulge. Runtime 20:13

    5th Film; "Bulge Newsreels". 6 short films. 1st: German Secret Offensive. 2nd: Malmedy.  3rd: Stovelot. 4th: St. Vith. 5th: Bastogne. 6th: 101 St Bastards of Bastogne Honored. Runtime 9:11

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