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    Boeing 747

    1st Film; " Boeing 747 Story".  A Boeing film on the creation, development and testing the Boeing 707.  Shows a new factory that was built just for the 707. 1st flight was Feb. 9th, 1969.  Great film. 17:26 M

    2nd Film; "Boeing 747 Era". This Boeing film is about more flight testing of the 747 and working with Airlines to complete the aircraft based on their needs. 28:21 M

    3rd Film; "Boeing E-4 AACP". AKA  "The Night Watch" , this Boeing 747 was developed as a E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post developed by the USAF. The goal was to a platform that could survive a EMF attack.10:14 M

    4th Film; "The Cargo 747". A collection of military films on the 747 being used as a rapid response cargo aircraft and a troop hauler. 12:39 M.

    5th Film; "Land of the Morning".   A great Pan Am film about the Philippine Islands, and to get there, travel in the amazing 747.  13:55 M

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