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  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

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    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    1st Film: "The Memphis Belle".  This film is the story of the epic battle of the B-17 Flying Fortress's daylight raids of the 8th air forces over Germany.  It was produced because the flights were so dangerous, that rarely did any bomber and crew finish there 25 missions of duty.  The 8th lost so many planes in the early days of these daylight raids, that the tactic was almost canceled. The crew of the Memphis Belle survived all 25 raids and Man, was this crew happy to be done.   38:48 Min's

    2nd Film: "Mission Accomplished".  This is another B-17 Flying Fortress story of the 8th fighting the Germans.  Black and white, it was the story of a day and the life of the Bombers, Crew, and the ground Grew.  Runtime 10:40 Min's

    3rd Film: "Shoo Shoo Baby" and "Nine O Nine".  This is one of the rarest films we have.  This is a short story about the B-17G Flying Fortress that fought in the WW2 and after the war it was given to Sweden. They converted it to an Airliner.  After a decade or so,  The Sweeds desired to give her back to the Americans as a token of thankfulness,  The USAF flew it back to the USA and restored her were the "Shoo Shoo Baby" is now on display.  Great stuff.  Plus, We filmed the restored B-17 called "Nine O Nine" that flew in our neighborhood.  Fun to see! Runtime 12:13 Min's

    4th Film: "Army Air Newsreels".  This is collection of Newsreels by the AAF of the B-17 Flying Fortress during WW2. Starts off with 1st, B-17 Crashes  2nd,  B-17 Called Stella. 3rd,  B-17 is shot down.  4th, War over Europe, the Sleeper. 5th, Attack against Russian Bases.  6th, Ploesti. 7th, Battle over Wilhelm shaven. 8th, Mission over Germany. 9th, Holland Food Drop. 10th, Flying Dutchman. 11th, Operation Home. 12, Stalag Luft Evacuation.  Runtime 24:10 Min's   

    5th Film: "Other Newsreels".  This is collection of Newsreels from other sources of the B-17 Flying Fortress during WW2. Starts off with 1st, B-17 factory  2nd,  Flying Generals.  3rd, Workers build 5000th.  4th, Aviation News, tires.  5th, Daylight Raid.  6th, B-17 shot down. 7th, B-17 Lands in water. Runtime 7:11 Min's

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