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  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook

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    Boeing CH-47 Chinook

    This DVD is a collection of films and newsreels on the famous Boeing CH-47 Chinook. The Chinook is a tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter that was designed as a troop transport carrier, artillery emplacement and battlefield re-supply aircraft .  Designed by Boeing In the early 1960's that was so successful that it is still in production today and used all around the world.  Over 1100 aircraft have been build and they are used all around the world, What an amazing aircraft. We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "CH-47 Introduction". This is a great US Army film on the early development and uses of the CH-47.  From troop carrier, to sling lifting trucks, jeeps, and Artillery to landing in water, the CH-47 was and is a great and versatile helicopter!  Runtime 14:33 Min's

    2nd Film; "CH-47 Field Maintenance". This is a great Boeing film on how to maintain a CH-47 Chinook with the minimum tools supplied by Boeing and how to use them in the field.  Great story!  Runtime 25:59 Min's

    3rd Film; "CH-47 in Vietnam". This is a Army film on Air Mobile Team and how it is used in Vietnam.  To fight the Vietcong, Air Mobility was used to out flank the enemy with quick movements of troop and equipment. This primarily done with the CH-47 and the UH-1 helicopters. Runtime 28:28 Min's

    4th Film; "Easy Money Ch-47 Gunship".  In 1966, in Vietnam, A Ch-47 was shutdown by the enemy ground fire.  So, they got the idea to heavily arm a Chinook named "Easy Money" and became history. This is a collection of films on that ship and others used in Vietnam.  Runtime 10:01 Min's

    5th Film; "CH-47 Newsreels".  This is a collection CH-47 newsreels. 1st, Introduction to the CH-47. 2nd, Army Test new CH-47. 3rd, An-Khe-1st Cav repairs Ch-47 and then lifts a wrecked Skyraider . 4th, Phuoc Vinh- CH-47 brings supplies. 5th, Cam Ranh Bay-Ship base. 6th, CH-47 destroyed by VC attack. 7th, CH-47 airlifts Artillery. Runtime 18:51 Min's

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