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  • Bush Pilots - "The Movie"

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    Bush Pilots 

    This DVD is a collection of  "Bush Pilot" films and newsreels on the amazing little planes and their daring pilots who fly them in the rough and remote areas of Canada and Alaska. Often having to supply people and/or goods to inhospitable places where there maybe only a dirt strip or a lake to land. These little airplanes are often see with big tires, floats or skis.   We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "Bush Pilots". This is a 1947 old "B" type movie about 2 bush pilot half brothers competing in the same lucrative area in the Canadian bush. The plot thickens when one decides to fly "Nitro" to mining camps???  Of course, both are out to impress the Lady of the town  Trouble ahead????  Great footage of float planes of that time period. Runtime 55:55 Min's

    2nd Film; "Alaska Bush Pilot".  This an old Sportsman TV show that tells about Alaskan Bush Pilots flying all around Alaska supplying hunters and there gear their little Piper cub airplanes. There is 1 hunting sense where the hunt and shoot a Big mountain Goat. Plus, what does a Bush Pilot do if he flips his plane on takeoff. These bush pilots depend on each other and fix almost anything with "Yankee ingenuity" in the wild.  Runtime 24:50 Min's

    3rd Film; "Seaplane and Bush Pilot Newsreels".  This is a collection of short newsreels on seaplanes and bush pilots and there planes. 1st, The early history of the Seaplane.  2nd, Husband and wife fly in a seaplane to find a great fishing vacation. 3rd, Seaplanes in New York. 4th; Canadian Bush Seaplanes fly trout to remote lakes.  Runtime 14:37 Min's

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