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  • Captured Japanese Aircraft Disc 2

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    Captured Japanese Aircraft Disc 2

    1st Film; "ID the Mavis-Kawanishi 97 Flying Boat". This is a USN film on how to identify this Large Japanese "Mavis Flying Boat". Typical method of identifying specific parts to make sure it is the Mavis. This is a very RARE film and fun to see. Runtime 6:11 Min's

    2nd Film; "Japanese Type 97 and 98 fighters". These were Japanese early fighters and was compared to our Curtiss P-36. That was a P-40 with a radial engine. Runtime 11:25 Min's

    3rd Film; "The Fleet that Came to Stay". This is a USN film about how a navy came so close to the enemy's land airbase's that itr was almost crazy to do that. It was also the time that Japan needed a new way to fight the American Navy so, the Kamikaze was born. This film shows how the battle was fought from then on; Men who wanted to die and Men who fought to live. Amazing story. Runtime 21:34 Min's

    4th Film; "Kamikaze Newsreels". 1st, This is a rare footage of the Ohka rocket  and the Betty bomber. Ohka was a Jet propelled manned bomb. 2nd, Suicide Attack on a Destroyer. 3rd, Luzon-wrecked Japanese planes. 4th, Captured Lashio and Mandalay.  5th, Japanese Attack Naval Task Force. 6th, Naval battles of the Philippines. 7th, Japanese Attack on Fleet--Navy fighters shoot down a Japanese 4 engine seaplane. Runtime 28:12 Min's

    5th Film; "Japan Surrenders" This film shows the beginning to the end. Lots of fighting and Kamikazes to the end on the USS Missouri. Amazing footage. Runtime 10:09 Min's

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