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    1st Film; "The Story of the Black Cats" This is our own film, about the story of how the PBY's bombed the Japanese supply ships. Good copy and Very nice Film, and fun to see. 19:47 Min's

    2nd Film; "Eyes of the Navy". A USN film on Navy pre-WWII Aviation and the importance of Naval aircraft. Runtime 19:27 Min's

    3rd Films; "The Story of the PBYs at Pearl Harbor Dec.7" Our Film the story about the PBYs on the day of Pearl harbor attack, Dec 7th, 1941. Did you know that PBY#2 reported sinking a submarine at 7:00 AM that morning?. Great stuff. 5:08 Min's

    4th Film; "Military Seaplane Newsreels" A collection of newsreels, from the famous N-4, the big MARS seaplane by the Navy, (There were 2 versions of the Mars, (1. ver. was a twin tail and 2nd was a single tail). Plus the building and flying of the famous Spruce Goose by Howard Hughes. Great and HARD to FIND reels. 18:18 Min's

    6th Film; "What is a USN Seagull" ? Our Film about the Navy's Seagulls. I'll give you a hint, Is it a seagull, is it a plane, or is it a Pelican? I'm sure you already know, but it is fun to watch.. 4:12 Min's

    7th Film; "Nazi Seaplanes".  Runtime 19:46 Min's

    8th Film; "Stock Footage of the Canadiar CL-415". This footage of two Canadiar Fire Planes on loan from Canada. We had a major fire close to our town and this pair of planes flew over our home to get water from the lake. Really great stuff if you like seaplanes in action. It was shot in HD using our Sony V1U formatted to SD DVD. Fun to see!!! Anyway it's free. 4:53 Min's. 

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