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    Diesel Electric Passenger Trains

     This DVD is a collection of films on American Diesel Passenger Trains traveling throughout the USA.  From the Sante Fe Chiefs, to the California Zephyr, you'll get to ride along on many great Diesel Passengers all across America.  These films give you a sense of a  great adventure and the enjoyment of fabulous scenic views to experience along the way.  We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "A Better Way". This is a story about the Sante Fe Railroad upgrading their Rail system to help serve America better. Great story and scenic views too.      Color  Runtime 28:12 Min's

    2nd Film; " California Zephyr".  A great short story on the amazing California Zephyr Passenger Train as it travels from Chicago to California and arrives to San Francisco. See the Zephyr travel through Williams Loop in Feather River too. B/W Runtime 9:39  Min's

    3rd Film; " Big Trains Rolling". This is an awesome film on Passenger trains traveling across the great USA.  This film also has a short history of the Railroads throughout America.  Color  Runtime 24:41 Min's

    4th Film; " Baltimore and Ohio Trip to the West". This film is actually called "The Passenger Train".  It is a short story of a Diesel Passenger traveling out west from the Ohio. B/W  Runtime 11:13 min's

    5th Film; " The Chiefs of Sante Fe".  This is a 1954 film about the Sante Fe Chief Passenger trains and there routes back and forth from Chicago to California. Looks like quite an adventure! Color  Runtime  9:23 min's

    6th Film; "Hi Speed Rails"  This is a short film Hi speed Rails and engineering  a method to complete a system in America. From streamline Diesel Locomotives, to Mag-Lev systems. Amazing!!  Color Runtime 12:56 Min's

    7th Film; "Passenger Newsreels". This is a small collection of misc Passenger Train newsreels. 1st, Japanese Hi Speed Rails. 2nd, Electric powered Streamliners. 3rd, The end of the EL in New York. 4th, Blizzard strands Passenger Train.  B/W Runtime 9:23 min's

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