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  • Ghost Towns of the Wild West

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    Ghost Towns of the Wild West

    1st Film; "The Golden West".  A short romantic look of the history of Americans moving west in the pursuit of gold and silver. Eventually, the gold ran out and bustling communities turned into ghost towns. 13:00 M

    2nd Film; "Ghost Towns of California". AKA the "Mother Load".  The great movement west started by gold found on Sutters Mill in 1848.  Also includes towns like Mariposa, Coulterville,  Hornitos, and Columbia.  Plus the founding of Wells Fargo and the Famous :Black Bart". 13:03 M

    3rd Film; "Ghost Towns of the Great Divide".  Starts of with a a short story on Wild Bill Cody, then goes to a miner who found gold in the mountains of Colorado called California Gulch in 1859.  In 1877, the town of Leadville was formed because of the great quantities of lead loaded with silver.  12:52 M

    4th Film; Ghost Town of the Rockies".  In 1859, a miner named Greg Diggings, found gold at Pikes Peak. and created a new gold rush in the Rockies. Almost over-night, 100,000 people flocked to these hills.  Towns like Clear Creek, Gregory Gulch, Blackhawk, Idaho Spring and Central City grew into functioning towns. Also includes the Famous Teller House plus the "Glory Hole".  12:55 M

    5th Film; " Ghost Towns of the Great Basin". In the heartland of America lies the land called the Great Basin which covers over 100,000 square miles of the mid western part of America.  A brief geological history of the area that explains why there was so much gold and silver found there.  Towns like Austin and Hamilton of Nevada tell the stories gold and silver strikes plus the famous Pony Express towns along the way. 12:41 M

    6th Film; "Ghost Towns of the High Sierras".  Story starts out with the town of Bridgeport of 1862. Then, Aurora, Eureka, and Bodie. Gunfights, gamblers desperados, and town hall girls sprung up with Gold Fever. Gold was plentiful, but food was scarce and flour reached the cost of 22.00 per pound. 12:38 M


    7th Film; "Ghost Towns of the Dakotas".   Deadly stories of the Black Hills, the Badlands, and the town of Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hichok meat his end.  1870s, gold was found in the black hills and Indian wars broke out.  Remember Custer's Last Stand. 12:58 M

    8th Film; "Ghost Towns of Arizona Desert".  Short stories of  the town Tombstone, like gunfights, rustlers, gamblers, and renegades. A gold miners like Ed Strickland who found gold in 1877, was told the only thing he would find was his tombstone.  Instead, he found one of the richest mine in Arizona.  After his strike, he named the village he lived in Tombstone. The rest is history. Remember Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday?   12:13 M

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