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  • Gung Ho! "The Movie"

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    Gung Ho! The Movie!! 

    USMC Attack on Makin Island WW2

    This is one of Our Films called Gung Ho, "The Movie". This movie (produced by Paramount Pictures) was based on a true story about the USMC making a raid on Makin Island to distract the Japanese from the real goal of landing on Guadalcanal. At the time, the Japanese were like a steam roller across the pacific, and there nest conquest was Australia. Guadalcanal stopped the Japanese and it was the beginning of the end for the Rising Sun. The problem was, the Japanese did not think so at the time, and why should they, they won every conflict prior to this. Included in this DVD are the actual newsreel of Carlson Raiders aboard the USS Nautilus. Very rare. We hope you enjoy!

    1st Film: Gung Ho, The Movie. This film starts in San Diego to train Marines to go on a secret mission. Starring Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum. The story of the Attack on Makin Island, August, 1942. Runtime 1hour 26 Min's

    2nd Film: "Pacific War Newsreels". This is collection of Newsreels of the war in the pacific. Starts off with 1st, Carlson's Raiders 2nd, Guadalcanal. 3rd, News from the S. Pacific. 4th, Capture of Tarawa. 5th, Landing on Guam. 6th, Mac Returns. 7th, Flag raised Iwo Jima. 8th, Landing on Okinawa. 9th, Japan Surrenders . Step by step, These newsreels show the epic battle in the Pacific. Runtime 24:36 Min's

    3rd Film; "Gung Ho The Trailer".  This is the movie trailer to promote the film, Gung Ho. Runtime 1:42 Min's

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