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    This DVD is a collection of films and a few newsreels on the US Army's "Light Tanks". The M2, M3 and the M5 Stuart are prominent throughout, but my other light tanks are included too. This DVD concentrates on the creation of light tanks and their uses during the last century.  The history light tanks after WW1 was mostly used as a support system to the infantry, but Germany developed the Blitzkrieg concept, were tanks overwhelmed there enemy first then the infantry followed.  Eventually, the light tank was used mostly used as reconnaissance vehicles by the time Vietnam came about.   We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "History of the Tank". This is an Army film on the history of tank from the chariots of early history to WW1, to Korea.  Shows how the Tank was developed in WW1 by the British against the Germans and the post WW1 development of tanks with WW2 seeing tanks used in almost every theater of battle.  Runtime 22.53 Min's

    2nd Film; "The Tanks are Coming".  This is a 1941 era pre-WW2 film by the Army who collaborated with Warner Brothers to get men ready for a war the everyone new was coming.  Great piece of film history and lots of vintage M-2 light Tanks in the film. The story was that George Tobias was a Taxi driver and gets the "Bug" to enlist in the Tank Corp.  Eventually learns to proudly run a M-2 light tank. Runtime 19:59 Min's

    3rd Film; "The 551 Recon Tank".  This is an Army film all about the M551 Sheridan Tank.  Developed in the 1960's to be light enough to parachuted from an aircraft, the Sheridan served extensively in Vietnam. M2 Bradley fighting Vehicle replaced it in the 80's.  Great footage. Runtime 22:03 Min's

    4th Film; "Hell on Wheels".  This film is also by the Army and show the History of the 2nd Armour Division during WW2 and Korea.  Great piece of history. Runtime 17:17 Min's

    5th Film; "Light Tank Newsreels".  This is a collection of Light Tanks starting with the M-2 pre WW2. 1st, M2 in War games. 2nd, War games in Louisiana. 3rd, Red and Blue Tank teams in War games. 4th, Warplanes join the War Games. 5th, Uncle develops the Blitz. 6th, Salvage Tanks. 7th, Stop that Tank. M5 vs Japan light Tank. 8th; Hard men for Harden Tank Corp. Runtime 16:26 Min's

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