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  • Lockeed F-104 Starfighter

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    Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

    This DVD is a collection on the famous and amazing Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.  This is another creation of the Genius Kelly Johnson of the Lockheed's "Skunk Works" Group.  What is so amazing is that this aircraft broke all of the level speed records in the mid 1950's and also reached heights of over 90K feet.  Known as the "Missile with a Man in it", it was also the basis of the famous U-2 Spy plane AKA as the Dragon Lady.  We hope you'll enjoy. 

    1st film; "XF-104 Starfighter".  In this film by Lockheed, it tells the story of the development and the famous F-104.  From a wooden mockup to the final airgraft flying in the air, This is an amazing story. and beautiful film footage of the F-104.  Runtime 12:44 Min's 

    2nd film; "F-104 Starfighter Training".  In this Lockheed film, they are selling large quintiles to our allies and it shows the basic fundamentals of the aircraft of the aircraft to our ally pilots as they do a pre-flight walk around.  Again beautiful footage of the F-104.Runtime 10:19 Min's  

    3rd Film; "F-104 Starfighter Briefs". In this collection of film stories, it shows the F-104 being introduced, tested, and flying with an ending of a USAF "IN Flight film using the F-104. Runtime 7.01 min's

    4th Film; "William Tel". This is a film from the US Air Forces about the readiness of the Century Jets.  Flown throughout North America and Europe, the USAF had a yearly fly-off where these planes were challenged by fellow pilots to see who was the best.  This film was in the early 1960, and lots to see.  Color.  Runtime 26:06 Min's  Color.  Runtime 26:06 Min's

    5th Film; "U-2 Dragon lady".  What is a Dragon lady??? well it is a F-104 that was stripped down, highly modified with glider wings and loaded with cameras and used as an amazing spy plane used by the CIA.  Again, designed by the Lockheed "Skunk works" and Kelly Johnson. Reaching heights of over 80K, it was thought the Russian could not shoot it down, but one day, they did and that brought on the SR-71.  The reason it was called the Dragon lady, because it was very fragile and very dangerous to fly at high altitudes.  What a story.  Runtime; 18:40 Min's

    6th Film; "Tac Newsreels".  This is 3 films on why and how these Century Series Jets were used. 1st; USAF Joint Strike   Command.  2nd; KB-50 re-fueling Plane retires. and 3rd; USAFE and our NATO friends.  Lots of Century Series Jets in these 3   films and great information all about the cold war strategies.  Runtime; 14:10 Min's

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