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  • Lockheed C-141 Starlifter

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    Lockheed C-141 Starlifter

    "USAF 1st All Jet Airlifter"

    This DVD is a collection of old vintage films on the amazing Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. A strategic airlifter designed to replace the slower piston airlifters of the 1950s like the C-124 Globemaster II. Served for over 40 years and was eventually  replace by the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. We hope you'll enjoy!

    1st Film; "YC-141 Development".  A Lockheed sales film about the wonders of the C-141 Starlifter explaining the aircraft and it's abilities.  Runtime 11:16 Min's

    2nd Film; "C-141 Flight Tests". A series of short films showing the C-141 in different flight tests. At the beginning takeoffs and multiple landings, cargo loading, plus cargo drops, and in flight flutter tests.  Runtime 14:14 Min's

    3rd Film; "Airlift Command around the World".  As the cold war heated up, a need for the USAF to transport goods and services were in great demand. From the airlift of the 1948 Berlin blockade to the humanitarian needs around the world,  the USAF transports did it all and the C-141 could carry large loads including troops and military equipment Quickly.  Runtime 18:13 Min's

    4th Film; "C-141 Navigator".  A USAF film on a crew flying the C-141 Starlifter and the emphasis was on the navigator.  Great footage of the C-141 in flight too. Runtime 8:56 Min's

    5th Film; "C-141 Weekend Warrior".  A USAF recruitment film on how being in the USAFR pilot of a C-141 has it's benefits.  Runtime 8:07 Min's

    6th Film; "YC-141B Stretched Starlifter".  Great USAF film on converting the standard C-141 Starlifter by adding 23 feet. Runtime 5.43 Min's

    6th Film; "C-141 Newsreels".  5 short films. 1st, C-141 carries the DSRV for the Navy. 2nd, C-141 get ready to fly to Vietnam. 3rd, Operation Blue Light. 4th, C-141 with Flight Nurses in Vietnam for the wounded. 4th, C-141 brings home the Hanoi Hilton POWs-Operation Homecoming.  5th, A C-141 gets restored. Runtime 15:43 Min's

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