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  • Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

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    Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

    "USAF largest Airlift Transport"

    This DVD is a collection of old vintage films on the amazing C-5 Galaxy, America's largest transport aircraft that began service in 1969. The C-5 has served in all the wars since Vietnam and is still in service. Today, 50 of the 131 C-5's are being modified to the C-5M and will remain in service until 2040. During peacetime, the C-5 was sometimes called the "Candy Store" because of it's humanitarian service around the world.  We hope you'll enjoy!

    1st Film; "C-5a Development".  The C-5 was developed to be able to carry what the more narrow C-141 could not.  This story shows the development and production of the C-5a Galaxy as it goes into service. Runtime 27:17 Min's

    2nd Film; "C-5a Galaxy Stats". A short film explaining the C-5a statistics. At the beginning of the film the "Big Boy" as it is called, amazes people that it can fly and it's capacity. Then shows actual Lockheed footage of the C-5a being tested. Takeoffs and multiple landing, in flight refueling, cargo loading, plus cargo drops. Runtime 11:35 Min's

    3rd Film; "The Airlift Command".  As the cold war heated up, a need for the USAF to transport goods and services were in great demand. From the airlift of the 1948 Berlin blockade to the humanitarian needs around the world,  the USAF transports did it all and the C-5a could carry the biggest loads including troops and military equipment. Runtime 15:51 Min's

    4th Film; "Refueling the C-5a Galaxy".  Aerial refueling greatly increased the load capacity and distance of the C-5a. Great footage of the KC-135 refueling the mammoth C-5 Galaxy. Runtime 7:41 Min's

    5th Film; "C-5a and the B-17 Shoo Shoo Baby".  A fun and rare historical film on the "Shoo Shoo Baby. A B-17G Flying Fortress that fought in the WW2 and after the war it was given to Sweden. They converted it into an Airliner. After a decade or so, The Swede's desired to give her back to the Americans as a token of thankfulness. The USAF flew it back to the USA on a C-5a Galaxy, and restored her. The "Shoo Shoo Baby" is now on display. Runtime 4:38 Min's

    6th Film; "C-5 Galaxy Newsreels ".  6 short films. 1st, C-5a maiden flight. 2nd, USAF small model of the C-5a test flying.  3rd, C-5a loads APC's. 4th, C-5a refuels and cold weather tested. 4th, C-5a carries magnetometer to USSR. 5th, C-5a Galaxy Bone-yard. 6th,The C-5M stats. Runtime 11:20 Min's


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