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  • Lockheed L-1049 Constellation

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    Lockheed L-1049 Constellation

    1st Film; " A Letter to a Pilot". A great TWA film the wonders of L-1049 Constellation.  A passenger writes a letter to the pilot and the pilot writes back to credit all of the people who work at TWA  to keep the Connie flying.  From the factory, to maintenance, to check-in folks to the crews that fly on the airline.  Great footage throughout.    26.52 M

    2nd Film; "Eastern Airline Pt 1". A Eastern Airline film narrated by pilot Arthur Godfrey, a WW2 pilot and movie celebrity that explains a flight aboard the L-1049 Constellation as he pilots a flight.   23:18 M

    3rd Film; "Eastern Airline Pt 2".  Arthur Godfery  Lands the Connie and then explains the future is Jet engines.  He also meets with the owner of Eastern Airlines, the great WW1 Ace, Eddie Rickenbacker at the end of the film. 24:33 M

    4th Film; "Hurricane Hunter". A USN film on a RC-121 L-1049 Constellation being used to fly through hurricanes to get scientific information, a very rough ride.  The goal is to collect information to be used for an early warning system on forecasting weather. A story of a day and life of a RC-121 aircraft as they fly through a hurricane. 20:52 M.

    5th Film; "Connie Newsreels". 1st, C-69 Transport 1st maiden Flight. 2nd,Air Power, the RC-121. 3rd, The RC-121 explained. 4th, USN C-121 AWAC. 6th, The Navy vs the gooney bird.  5:12 M.


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