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    The Luftwaffe-The Early Fighters

     This DVD is a collection of films and newsreels on the German Luftwaffe from WW1 to Early WW2. As the Nazis game to power in 1935, so did the  German Air force.    

    1st Film; "Rise of the Luftwaffe". Because of the treaty of Versailes after WW1, Germany was forbidden to a Military Air force.  Runtime 13:01 Min's

    2nd Film; "Battle of Britain".  An Army film called, Why we Fight, The Battle of Britain. The Germans thought all they had to conquer England was to destroy the RAF. Then, Operation "Sea lion", (the invasion of Britain) could start. But, it did not work out as they planned. Runtime 47.23

    3rd Film; "ME-109 Fighter". The ME-109 was one of the best German fighters of WW2. Over 33k were build and served on all fronts. This a collection of the BF-109 shooting Spitfires down, Night fighting and other tactics.   Runtime 6:35 Min's

    4th Film; "ID The Folker-Wolfe 190". This a short film on how to identify the FW-190 Folker-Wolf fighter. Runtime 10:01 min's

    5th Film; "ID the Junkers-87 Stuka".  This is a collection of short stories on how to ID the JU-87, and clips on both the JU-87 and the ME-110 Fighter.  Runtime  9:47 min's

    6th film; "Newsreels" A captured Nazi newsreel about there version of the Battle of Britain".  Runtime 11.44 Min's 

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