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  • North American F-86 Sabre

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    North American F-86 Sabre

    This is a collection of old films on the famous North American F-86 Sabre. The little jet that saved the air war against the communists in Korea with there Mig-15. These films are very rare and we hope you'll enjoy this collection.

    1st Film; "F-86 Over Korea". This a very rare film on how the F-86 beat the Mig-15 and the pilot training needed to beat the enemy.  Even show a little of the factory building the jet too. At the end, it show some our best Aces at the time. Runtime 11:07 M

    2nd Film; "F-86 Newsreels". This is a collection of newsreels on the F-86. 1st, Military Miracles. 2nd, Sabres Down a Mig-15's. 3rd, Mig Pilot Defects. 4th, F-86 at air shows. 5th, Italy gets F-86d's. 6th, Japan gets F-86's. 7th, Rare footage of Japanese F-86's. 8th, Rocket and Gunnery skills displayed. 9th, French Nationals work on the F-86. 10th, Iran gets F-86's. 11th, Minutemen practice in their F-86's. 12th, F-86's at the Air show.. 13th, USAF gets a new song. Runtime 22:37 M

    3rd Film; "Seek and Kill". This too is a Rare Training film on the USAF F-86D Jets to shoot down enemy bombers even at night. The F-86D was the Radar version. The goal was to intercept the enemy in any weather, day or night. Runtime 13.52 M.

    4th Film; "USN Test Pilot". This is a USN Film on testing new aircraft before they join the Navy. In this film, they are testing the USN Fury Jet, which is the Navy's version of the F-86. A lot of great footage. Runtime 14:30 M

    5th Film; "51st Pursuit Fighter Group in Korea". This is a neat film on the actual footage on the 51st fighter group that fought against the Communists in Korea against the famous Mig-15. It plays more like a home move because it was more real-time approach. Lots of famous Mig aces in this film. Runtime 24:40 M

    6th Film. "F-86 ground Footage". This is footage that we took at the Chino Airport. We took this footage over the years in HD and this clip shows the F-86 being brought out, started up, and them put back. I was amazed to see such an aircraft and I thought you might enjoy it too. Plus a heritage flyby. 5:08 M

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