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  • North American P-51 Mustang

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    North American P-51 Mustang

    1st Film "A Day with the A-36 Invader". This film show the A-36 (P-51) being used as a dive bomber somewhere over Italy. 9:18 Min's

    2nd Film "8th Air Forces" This film shows the P-51 Mustang, P-47 and the P-38 protecting the Bombers over Germany. 20:05 Min's

    3rd Films "F-51 in Korea". In the early days of the Korean conflict, the P-51 mustangs were pressed into service. After the 1st year, most of these planes were removed. This film show a life and a day in Korea. 10:47 Min's

    4th Films "P-51 Mustang Newsreels ". 1st, P-51 vs. Captured Japanese Frank.  2nd, Kweilin, China. 3rd, P-51 Collide. 4th, Mission for Moscow. 5th, Capt. Gentile P-51 Ace. 6th, Capt. Gentile visits plants. 7th, Gun Camera door Installed. 8th, Wine Barrels used as P-51 barrier 9th, RAF kills trains. 10th, P-51 escorts B-29's. 11th, P-51 Spans US 6.5 Hrs Great stuff. 20:25 Min's

    5th Film; "Prelude to Invasion". The USAAF needed to destroy the German Luftwaffe before the D-Day invasion. P-51's P-47's and P-38's did just that. Runtime  12:57 Min's

    6th Film; "P-51 Mustang Photos and Clips". This is a collection of Photos, Artwork, and film clips that we put together for your entertainment. 7: 06 Min's

    7th Film: "A Recon P-51 Story and P-51 shot Down by Luftwaffe". This a short story about a Famous P-51 Recon Pilot Clyde East, who shot down 12 German planes during WW2 and we found German footage of the Luftwaffe chasing a P-51 and eventually shooting it down. Wild ride if you ask us. Runtime 5:53 Min's

    8th Film; "P-51 Mustang Stock footage" 3 different P-51 Mustangs the we filmed. 1st, P-51D at Apply Valley Air show.  2nd, A P-51D starting it's engine, turning around, running engine up, and finally running her back to the shop. 3rd A  P-51b does a flyby, lands, shutdown, starts up, takes off and does another flyby. Fun to see. 7:04 Min's

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