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  • North American XB-70 Valkyrie

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    North American XB-70 Valkyrie


    The XB-70 was to be a mach-3, long-range strategic high altitude penetrating bomber that the Russians could not catch or shoot down.  After the U-2 Spy Plane was shot down over Russia, The XB-70's mission was obsolete.  At that point, the XB-70 became a research aircraft and helped develop the SR-71 Blackbird, SST research and the B-1 Bomber.

    1st Film; " XB-70 1st flight".  The documentary story of the XB-70 1st flight on Sept 24, 1961 .  All went well until the landing when one of the rear brakes lockup.  at the end of this film was the interview of the pilots reviewing the flight.17:13 M

    2nd Film; "XB-70 2nd Flight and more". This part shows the success of the 2nd flight and many other successful flights of the  XB-70, number 20001. Even the flight where the XB-70 went so fast that the paint started to come off. 13:59 M

    3rd Film; "NASA Supersonic Research". A NASA film called "A Ticket through the Sound Barrier" and it explains  the development of the SST.  In the end, Americans decides not to build a SST because of the massive sonic booms that would follow across the country. 27:37 M

    4th Film; "NASA XB-70 tests". In 1966, the XB-70 mission as a long range high altitude bombers was not feasible so NASA took over the XB-70.  Last flight of the remaining XB-70 was in 1969.  These are NASA clips of that part of the XB-70 story. 12:25 M.

    5th Film; "XB-70A Flight Test and the Crash".  A North American summary of the 1st 7 flights and then, the Collision. On June 8th, 1966, the 2nd XB-70 collided with a F-104 chase plane. The F-104 damaged the left wing and both tail rudders.  The F-104 exploded and the pilot died.  The XB-70 went into a flat spin and crashed just outside of Barstow.  Carl Cross (XB-70 co-pilot) were killed. Al White (XB-70 pilot) ejected, sustaining serious injuries. 11:08 M

    6th Film; "XB-70 Retirement". In 1969, The remaining XB-70 was towed to USAF Wright-Paterson Museum. In 2015, the XB-70 got a "New Hanger" and you can see the aircraft there.  7:25 M.

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