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    Russian Navy

    This a collection of Fascinating films by the US Navy on the Russian Navy.  It includes the Soviet surface ships and submarines.  The Russians had the 2nd largest Navy in the world and there operations were to close the sea lanes in case of a war, where the US Navy was designed to keep the seaways open.  Totally different tactics.  These films are from the 1950's to 1970.  Great historical stuff and we hope you will enjoy.  Sometimes, "Blind Mans Bluff, I'm sure you know what that means.

    1st  Film;" The Rise of the Russian Navy".  A Navy film on the history of the Russian Navy from the beginning of the 20th Century and explains the menace of the Russian Navy during the Soviet years. Runtime 28:41 Min's

    2nd Film: "Russian Navy".  This film and is a US Navy film about the Russian Navy.  In this story,  Our Navy is matter of fact of what the Russians are trying to accomplish at sea.  Commerce!  Lots of excellent footage of there surface ships and  there early Submarines.   Well worth watching.  Runtime 24:21 Min's 

    3rd  Film: "Challenge from below". This film is our Navy's version of the Russian menace on the seas and how there tactics are to deny open seaways to us and our allies.  There is Mock stories of what if and again, well worth seeing.  Runtime 16:31 Min's 

    4th Film: "Russian Newsreels". Here is a collection of newsreels on the Russia.  1st The Revolution 1917-1938.  2nd, Long Distance flying.  3rd, Convoy bring Tanks. 4th, Russia Moves Factory.  5th, Russian People.  6th, USSR Hurls Nazis back.  7th, Air News-Russians revile copy of the B-29.  8th, Nixon Demands to see Icebreaker. Runtime 17:33 Min's.

    5th Film; Rare "Soviet Submarine B-29". This is a film by us of the Russian Submarine B-29 that is now a museum boat for the San Diego Maritime Museum. We review the outside and the inside for you.  If you ever visit San Diego,  you should go to the Bay and see there collection of ships.  Be sure to plan on a full day because there is a lot of wonderful ships to see.  We hope you enjoy.  Runtime  6:12 Min's

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