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    Search and Rescue

    This DVD is a collection of Army and Navy films about SAR, Search and Rescue for downed pilots in WW2, Korea and Vietnam.  As time went on, the services developed methods to search, find and extract men mostly lost at sea.  This DVD has those stories and equipment used throughout this process.  We hop you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; Navy "Search and Rescue".  This film is about a F-4 Skyhawk pilot that had to ditch his plane after he was hit on a bombing run over Vietnam.  As he parachuted at sea, and aa Sea Sprite, Sea King and a AD Skyraider went after him to rescue him from the sea.  Great footage of all aircraft and methods. Runtime 15 min's

    2nd Film; "Helicopter Rescues".  This a collection of Army WW2 helicopters developed for rescue and their stories to US Navy development of the helicopter for the same use.  Runtime 14:45 Min's

    3rd Film; "USAAF Radio Operator".  This is an AAF film on a B-17 crew that had to  Ditch there B-17 at sea and at night.  Because of the great training the radio operator received from the Army, He was able to repair the emergency hand cranked radio and radio for help.  YEY, All were rescued.  I think you can still buy this type of emergency radio today.  Runtime 20:56 Min's

    4th Film; "Survival of the Fittest". This a USAAF film on way fitness is important for survival. Starts off with 4 amazing survival stories from the Jungle, to the arctic, to the ocean, and how training and fitness will save lives. Runtime 16:33 Min's

    5th Film; "7 were Saved".  This is a "B" movie about a post-WW2 (SAR) crew that searched tireless for a for a group of military personal that went down at sea in a Military transport.  Of course there is a Love triangle and our hero eventually saves all and gets the girl.  We shortened the film to 17:16 min's Footage mostly of the famous PBy Catalina and some on the B-17 that carries a survival boat.

    6th Film; "SAR Newsreels". This is a collection about SAR newsreels throughout the years and there equipment used during and after WW2. 1st; General Twining Rescued at Sea.  2nd; Steel Lift rafts   3rd; High speed boats for coastal rescues.  4th; Submarine SAR.  5th; PBY SAR.  6th; B-17 Dutchman.  7th; Pyrotechnic Berry Pistol.  Runtime 17:14 Min's

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