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    America's 1st Space Station

    The year of 1973, and was a great year for NASA.  NASA had launched Skylab which was America's 1st manned space station put into earths orbit. A total of 3 planned manned missions to study scientific experiments in zero gravity.  They were designated as SL-2, SL-3, and SL-4.  Amazing story.

    1st film; "Skylab". NASA Short history on Skylab, Space Station 1. A great recap of Skylab missions and accomplishments.  28:08  M

    2nd Film; Skylab 1". NASA film on the 1st Skylab mission and it's problems and successes on it 28 day journey.  15:07 M

    3rd Film; "Skylab Crew Interviews".  NASA interviews Astronauts on the experiments done in space with zero gravity like welding, testing fire, melting metals and photographing the earth.  14:11 M

    4th Film; "Skylab 3".  NASA's second mission known as SL-3 that lasted 58 days.   Also explains the problems that  SL-2 had when the heats held was damaged when put into orbit and how they fixed.15:37 M

    5th Film; "Opportunities in Zero Gravity". A recap of zero gravity experiments from all 3 manned missions. Understanding the biological, chemical and physical effects in space. 18:26 M

    6th Film; "NASA Skylab Reports". 1st, Preparing astronauts for Skylab. 2nd, Man in Space. 3rd, Recap of Skylab. 5:48 M

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