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    Supersonic Transport


    This DVD is about the development and deployment of the famous SST's, the  Supersonic Transports. Only 3 nations ultimately put SST's into service and that was the USSR, the British and the French with the collaboration with the British. Flying at twice the speed of sound, the SST's could cross the Atlantic ocean in just 3 hours. Amazing. They are all phased out now, but they were the fastest airliners in the sky for 27 years.   We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st film; "British Airways SST". This is a British Airway's film on the benefits of flying on an SST.  Starts from London and arrives in New York in only 3 hrs. Amazing. Great color footage of the SST.  Great piece of history. Runtime 23:11 Min's

    2nd film; "NASA's R&D of the SST".  This is a film by NASA called "A Ticket through the Sound Barrier" and it explains  the development of the SST.  In the end, Americans decides not to build a SST because of the massive sonic booms that would follow across the country.  It was considered to much of a nuisance in the USA. Runtime 27:37 Min's

    3rd Film; "Tupolev TU-144 SST". This film was by the USSR about the development of the TU-144.  Although it beat the British Concorde in flight by 2 months, it went into commercial service 2 year latter.  It also crashed at the Paris Air-show in 1973 and only completed 102 commercial flights before it was grounded.  Runtime 20:53 Min's

    4th Film; "Innovations of Flight".  This a great piece of history of many different aircraft and innovations throughout the years of Aviation, plus the SST's are included.  Runtime 13:13 Min's

    5th Film; "Sound Barrier Newsreels".  This is a short collection of newsreels on the Sound Barrier.  1st, Chuck Yeager in the X-1 breaks the sound barrier, then the X-2, to the X-3, to a British test pilot, Peter Twiss, that broke the 1000 mph barrier in level flight in a Fairey Delta 2.  Shows an interview with him and his wife after the record breaking flight.  Great story. Runtime 6:31 Min's

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