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    The Incredible "Farm Jeep"

    A concept that was created at the end of WW2. The Jeep was so loved by the troops during WW2 that every soldier wanted a jeep when they got home. Because of all of the servicemen request for a jeep, Willys-Overland started to build the civilian Farm Jeep with lots of farm equipment for the soldier who was coming home. Great idea, but it was a total flop because the US Army was selling surplus Jeeps (after the war) for 50.00 and so, veterans got there Jeep, but not from the Willys-Overland Co. The rest was history as they say. The Farm Jeep went away.

    We are a small father and son business and we collect old 16mm film. 5 yrs ago, we bought 6 reels of very rare Farm Jeeps. These reels are all very rare and I have had several people ask if I would release the footage. We hesitated because it is all silent. We don't think we will sell a lot of these, but for the enthusiast, you should be very happy. We hope you'll Strap in and Enjoy.

    1st Film; "The Work Horse on the Farm". A rare WillysOverland film explaining all the great uses of the Jeep around the farm and a horse ranch. Plus other uses like a veterinarian vehicle, etc. Runtime 9:10 Min's

    2nd Film: "The Farm Jeep". This is color footage of a California Jeep, mostly around Vineyards. From Discs, to cultivating, to Pesticide delivery, to trailer and equipment, to hauling fertilizer, to a construction site. All silent and Very nice footage. Runtime 12:32 Min's

    3rd Film: "Jeep In Action". This film too is in color and is somewhere in Santa Fe California. Looks like a great green CJ2 testing lots of farm equipment. There is Tines, Rippers, coil shanks, Discs, and Gannon's with several folks running the Jeep. Even women get into the act. Runtime 7:18 Min's

    3th Films: "Universal Jeep". This is a color film with Lots of great equipment. Farm discs, Pesticide Jeep, Chain Saw Jeep, Jeep and Trailer, Winch work to pull down old trees, to a very interesting "Ditch Witch Jeep". Plus another construction site where the jeep has a Dozer and a bucket in use. Great color too. Hope it will be entertaining for you too. Runtime 11:00 Min's

    4th Film: "Jeep at Work". This is the longest film of the bunch and is in B/W. Created by the Cox Co., this film was designed to sell all of the different types of equipment that could be used by the Jeep. Tines, Post Hole digger, Gannon's, Plows, Dozer, Trailer and equipment. many of the pieces are shown on how to hookup and use. Really fascinating footage. 24:18 Min's

    5th Film: "Misc Jeeps". This is short footage of some very interesting footage of the Jeep being used for multiple uses. 1st, A Bear Jeep. A guy how has a pet Jeep to sell his Douglas Gasoline. 2nd, Appliance Jeep used as a pickup truck, 3rd A Blue Print Jeep. 4th a Tow Truck Jeep, and a Ranch Jeep. Plus a few misc other stuff too like a newsreels showing the release of the jeep from the factory. Runtime about 6:23 Min's.

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