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  • US Army Bird dog AKA "The Grasshopper"

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    US Army L-4 and L-19 Liaison and Bird dogs

    This DVD is about a collection of early Army fixed wing Liaison light aircraft. From the beginning of WW2 the Army needed a way to spot artillery results. They figured out the maybe a light spotter plane could help, and did they ever help. In the Pacific, they were called "Flying Jeeps" and in the European theater, they were called "Grasshoppers". The Germans just thought they were just trouble. The Piper Cub and the tail dragger Cessna is what is mostly shown in these films. We hope that you'll thoroughly enjoy the collection, We certainly did. Great piece of Army History!

    1st Film; "Pre-Engine CK of L-4, Piper Cub". This is an Army film to show how to maintain a L-4 Piper Cub before flight. Prop ck, engine ck, magnetos ck, oil ck, wire ck, gasoline ck, engine start-up, etc. This film is great for those who have a cub. I added 3 1/2 minutes of HD footage of a yellow piper cub the we filmed at Bracket field, CA. Shows the owner priming his cub, pulling the prop to start, and flying off into the sunset. We hope you'll enjoy the extra footage. Runtime 15:52 Min's

    2nd Film; "L-4 Grasshopper". This is a great collection of footage from the Pacific to the European theater. From bring in sullies, to medi-vac wounded soldiers, the little plane could almost anything and land anywhere. During the Leyte golf battle in the Philippines, the actually loaded them on LST's and made a runway on the deck to launch them. Nice collection and Great stuff. Runtime, 22:22 Min's

    3rd Film; "The Birddog". This film is from the Army called "Army Mobility" and is about the L-19 Liaison Birddog and all of it's uses. Great information about the need for this plane. Lots of great footage of this aircraft. Runtime 28:04 Min's

    4th Film: "Cessna L-19 Photo Joes Plus, the Mailman". Here is a small collection of some L-19 being used as Photo recon missions. The last part shows the L-19 and L-20 used and the mailman. Runtime, 22:59 Min's

    5th Film: "German Fi-156 Storch". The Germans also had there own Observation planes and one of the most famous was the Fi-156 Storch. That is Stork to us. Again, I laced HD footage with a beautiful reproduced Fi-156 at Brackett Field with old German newsreels of the Storch. From a Storch flying xmas gifts to the German troops, to the famous daring raid in the Alps by German Commandos to rescue "Duce" Benito Mussolini from prison by flying him out to safety in a Storch. The footage of the Relica Storch is very impressive as far as the quality of the replication is concerned. The man who created the 4/5 version did a fantastic job. Runtime, 10:24 Min's

    6th Film; "FAC in Vietnam". A short film on how a Cessna L-19 bird dog helps spot the enemy.  Runtime 7:27 Min's

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