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  • US Army Bridges and River Crossings

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    US Army Bridges and River Crossings 

    This DVD is a collection of films and newsreels on the US Army's Bridges and river crossings from post WW2, to 1971. I'm sure everyone remembers the story about of "why did the chicken crossed the road"???  To get to the other side of course.  Army's throughout history always needed to figure out how and what method to use to get to the other side. This is a great historical DVD that includes many of these methods and bridges the Army used to get to the other side. We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "Floating Bridges". This is a great 1931 US Army film that Dramatizes, through training how to build bridges. from Walk bridges to full vehicle floating bridges.  This film is amazing!!  It is silent, but descriptive. We will be adding sound track to the film. Runtime 20:08 Min's

    2nd Film; "Stream Crossings ". This is a great 1939 Army film on a story that follows trucks and artillery pulled by trucks fording bridges and rivers. Very rare footage of Vintage trucks of the time. The film has sound and narration.  Great story!  Runtime 18:17 Min's

    3rd Film; "River Assault Crossings". This is another Army training film on using assault boats crossings at night. Again with sound and narration. Historically worth seeing. Runtime 16:30 Min's

    4th Film; "Timber Trestle Bridges". This too is a Army 1971 film on actually building a more permanent trestle bridge made out of timbers. This would be a Vietnam era type of training and construction. THis film has sound and narration. Runtime 30:24

    5th Film; "Bridge Newsreels".  This is a collection Gunnery newsreels. 1st, 1941 War Games. 2nd, WW2 M4 Floating Bridge. 3rd, Activities in Burma. 4th, Bridge building in Burma. 5th, River crossings in France. 6th, Churchill Tank with river crossing equipment. 7th Bridges in Santo Domingo. 8th, Post WW2 Armored Vehicle Bridge. 9th, Amphibious Bridges. 10th, 2 small bridges built in Vietnam. Runtime 27:40 Min's

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