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    US Army Horse Cavalry

    US Army Cavalry War Horsemanship Aids Gaits History Buffalo Soldiers old films.


    The Cavalry concept has been around for centuries and the US Army was no different in the need for a fast Cavalry units throughout American history. This is rare collection of films on the US Cavalry up to 1942. We hope you'll enjoy!


    1st Film; "Horsemanship; The Care of Animals in the Field". This is an Army machinegun Squad bivouacked in a forest. The film shows how to survive as a horse unit by taking care of themselves and their Mount. From feeding , to brushing, to saddling up, to riding, to fixing there horseshoes, There is a lot in this training film. Very good print. Runtime 30:24 Min's


    2nd Film; "History of the US Cavalry". This is a Big Picture Army Film on the history of US Cavalry throughout the years. Great story!. Runtime 28:29 Min's


    3rd Film; "Horsemanship; Aids and Gaits". This also is an army film on the proper riding methods of a cavalry horse. Really great horsemanship shown in this film and how to do it. Runtime 37:10 Min's


    4th Film; "Army's Modern Buffalo Soldiers". I really like this film. Filmed around 1941. This film shows an African American Cavalry unit go though there passes. Set to the music called Gary Owen. The original sounds are still there and it'd fun to see these guy hollering as the ride. It really looks like these guys had a lot of fun riding these mounts. We did quite a bid of work to bring this film to life. I think you'll like it too. Runtime 9:06


    5th Film; Army Mules and Horse Newsreels". This a collection of Army Mules and Military horses used throughout WW2. 1st; Mules Join the Army. 2nd; Mules on the Italian Front. 3rd;USCG Horses Patrol east coast. 4th: Mules and Horses in CBI, Ledo Rd. 5th; Nazi Horses. 6th; Texas Rangers. Runtime 10: Min's

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