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  • US Army Early Helicopter Aviation

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    Early US Army Aviation and Helicopters

    This DVD is about a collection of early Army fixed wing and early helicopters.    From Bell 47's to H-19 H-16, CH-37 Mohave, and others,  We hope that you'll thoroughly enjoy the collection,  We certainly did.  Great piece of Army History!

    1st Film;  "Ft Rucker Helicopter School".  This is a film starts of with a flying to Ft Rucker Army Airbase, to training Army enlisted men to become Warrant Officers flying Helicopters. This film focuses mostly on the training of the famous Bell 47 (H-13) Helicopters. Lots of great footage of the Bell 47. Runtime 15:28 Min's

    2nd Film;  "Flying Soldiers".  This film starts off with the Army's need for mobilization to fight effectively and leads to the need for Army Aviation.  From Early helicopters to early fixed wing aircraft, The Early UH-1 Iroquois, OV-1 Mohawk, DHC-4 Caribou and others. Lots of great footage of these aircraft. Runtime 26:53 Min's

    3rd Film; "Training on the H-19 Sikorsky Chickasaw". This is a great training film at Ft. Rucker on transitioning from other smaller army helicopters to the famous H-19 Chickasaw.  From pre-flight, to start-up, taxiing, flying, auto-rotation practice, landing and shut-down. Nice print and excellent training film training Great stuff. Runtime 24:51 Min's

    4th Film; "Newsreels".  Here is a  small collection of some early army helicopter newsreels. 1st. Pres Ike gets a Bell.  Sea Rescue,  3rd, WW2 Helicopter rescue in the Pacific.  4th, New Helicopters.  5th. Army's 1st R5 Helicopters. Runtime, 11:20 Min's

    5th Film; "Basic Helicopter Principals".  This about how helicopters work and there importance.  Mostly of the great Bell 47. Runtime 14:50 Min's

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