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    US Navy Aircraft Training Films

    1st Film: "Wings Of Gold USN Training". Climb aboard and see what its like to fly for the US Navy. Start off your training in the T-34 Trainer. Then when you've honed your skills, you can graduate to the T-28. Once you've polished that off, you can hop into the SNJ-Texan. But it's not over yet rookie, when you have finally arrived, then will you be good enough for the T-33 Trainer. Enjoy this movie showcasing the gradual process the Navy Pilots went through to climb the ranks to the top of their training; making them full-fledged Fighter Pilots. Runtime 20:27 Min's.

    2nd Film; "Hand it Back". WWII A USN recruitment  film showing why citizens should learn to fly for the Navy. Plus, the Navy's the need for gunners.  PT-17 Stearmans, PBY, AT-6 used in this film. Runtime 12:36 Min's

    2nd Film: "Aerobatics in the T-34". Learn to fly the T-34 in this fun short film. This is where the fighting ends and the Aerobatic fun begins. Join the boys and have a blast doing loops, rolls, aileron controls, half Cuban eights, split S' and the like. So come on and enjoy what its like to fly in the T-34 trainer from a Daredevil's perspective. Runtime 11:15 Min's

    4th Film; "USAAF Cadets". WWII USAAF film on training cadets using the PT-17 Stearman and the AT-6 Texan. Runtime 12:57 Min's

    5th Film: "USN Newsreels ". Here is a collection of newsreels on US Navy Carriers featuring different types of Navy Aircraft. 1st, Sky Dive Navy Plane Passes Test. 2nd, F7F Tigercat. 3rd, F9F Cougar crashes on CV. 4th, San Francisco , Banshees loaded on carrier. 5th, Carrier Landings By Mirror.  6th, Military Miracles - A News Magazine Report. 7th, Newsreel: 7th Fleet Flexes Muscles. Great stuff. Runtime 17:10 min's.

    6th Film: "Weekend Warriors". Come serve the navy for the weekend, we'll spare you from the everyday routine, but be ready to WORK! When things would get hot, the Navy needed everyone's help, so they would enlist different volunteers for the weekend to do anything, from flying to swabbing the deck. In this short film, put yourself in the shoes of a Weekend Warrior and witness the procedures and tasks that endured after enrollment. Great footage. Runtime  8:38 min. B/W

    7th Film: "Navy Trainer ST Footage". Here is a bonus film featuring some exclusive footage on the AT-6 SNJ Texan at the Alameda Air-show doing loops and strafing runs. After that is a T-28 coming in for landings. The 3rd part is footage of the magnificent AT-6 SNJ landing and taking off at our local Brackett Air Field. This is a bonus film with footage taken by us so please, do enjoy (Some was shot in HD and some was shot SD, can you tell?). Runtime 8:54 Min's

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