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    USN Destroyers

    "Rough Riders" Tin-Cans Films WW2 Training Greyhounds

    1st Film; "Destroyermen" 1950s USN film about a Convoy of Destroyers going on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Stars the USS Burdelon DD-881, USS Strong DD-758, USS Brownson DD 868, and the USS Gearing DD-710. As the Convoy leave port, there trip experiences rough seas, Sea Fuel replacement and of course practicing of every kind like searching for submarines to firing there twin 5" guns. Great film. Runtime 14:40 Min's.

    2nd Film; "USN Reserve Fleet". 1949 USN film about a the Reserve Fleet (mothball Fleet) USS Strong DD-758 being taken out of the mothball fleet and restoring her to duty. This a step by step process that starts with 1st getting her Habitable, 2nd get her Self-Staining, 3rd Secure the ship, 4th Make her Operational. In the end is ready for duty and a new crew comes on Board and take her out of port. USS Satterlee DD-626 (limited) is also shown. Another rare film. Runtime 13.52 Min's

    3rd Film; "Destroyer, Surface Reserve". 1950 USN Film about the US Navy Reserve team going on a 2 week trails to Hawaii and get their practice and training aboard the USS Twining DD-540, USS Wedderburn DD-684, and the USS Ulmann DD-687. Here the men go aboard and train in shouting down F6f drones, fire Depth charges, and fire their guns. Great stuff and also a very rare film. Runtime 14:05 Min's

    4th Film; DE's European Cruise". 1955 USN Film. Story about a Convoy of Destroyer Escorts make way to Spain and Portugal. Staring USS Curtis Howard DE-750, plus DE-107, DE-89, DE-107, De-748 plus others. These men fire the famous Hedgehogs among other weapons aboard ship. Also shows the vacationing in Spain and Portugal. Another great film and it too is very rare. Runtime 23:12 Min's

    5th Film; "Destroyer Newsreels". A collection of Destroyer news clips. 1, Shipyards speed Warships for Navy.  2, New ships for the Navy.  3, Latest war films from the Pacific.  4, US marks Navy Day.  11:39 M

    5th Film; "The USS Recruit". This is our footage and story we put together on the last remaining Destroyer (TDE-1) stationed permanently on concrete, down by the San Diego Bay. This just for fun and it is free. runtime 2 Min's.

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