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  • USMC Helicopters in the Korea War

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    USMC Helicopters

    1st Film; " Marine Helicopters" 1952; Ch-19 Bell-47 and more. The story is a series of uses of the Helicopters for Vertical involvement in Korea. It has Search and Rescue, Troop deployment from Navy Carriers, Wire Laying, Cargo lifting etc. Very nice Film, and fun to see. 19:59 Min's

    2nd Film; "Marine Assault at Huelva" 1955; Ch-34 A joint practice invasion with Spain. This film shows USMC Helicopters launching from Carriers to shore carrying Troops, slinging "Mity-Mite jeeps" and beach assaults. Great movie also. Sadly, there is a helicopter crash on the beach in this film. approximate 13:18 Min's

    3rd Film; "Marilyn Monroe, Korea, and The Helicopter" This is the story about Marilyn Monroe, while on her Honeymoon (with Joe DiMaggio), a famous New York Yankee Baseball player) was asked if she would go to Korea and perform for the 100K troops (Army, USMC, Etc) that were stationed there. Although, Joe did not want her to go, Marilyn did agree to go!!!. In just 4 days, she visited 10 outposts and performed at all of them. It was in February of 1954, very cold and with snow on the ground, Marilyn preformed without ever complaining. She was a real "Trooper " for the troops. This Film is about her being transported by the Ch-19 Helicopters, getting to stages, and performing on stage, then doing it again. When it was over, She was exhausted, and had a touch of pneumonia. Later in life, she said "It was the best thing I ever did". Runtime 11:55 Min's

    4th Film; "USMC Carrier Helicopters". This film show how to handle Carrier Landings and to transport troops to shore. Very Rare and fun to see. Runtime 9:58 Min's

    5th Films; "10+ Newsreels on Helicopters" A collection of newsreels of helicopters. 1st, Jet tip, X-planes Helicopter. 2nd, USN has Helicopter carry Homing torpedo's. 3rd, Bell 47 fly's in the Alps. 4th, 1st Airmail Helicopters. 5th, Piasecki H-16 flies for civil use. 6th, Air sea rescues by R-4 helicopter. 7th, The 1st helicopter for the President Ike. 8th, Holland gets jet tipped Helicopter. 9th, Lockheed YH-56 breaks speed record at 272 MPH. 10th, Vought XC-142 tilt-wing tested. 11th, Army teaches fixed wing pilots how to fly the helicopter. 12th, USMC Carriers helicopter. 15:30 Min's

    6th Film; Stock Footage: UH-60 Helicopter; Landing, shutting down, restart, than take off. '08 shot freestyle in HD with a Sony V1u. Runtime 3:38 Min's    Product No. CFDVD0001


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