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  • USN Oil Tankers Supply and Cargo Ships

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    US Navy's Tankers, Liberty, Cargo, and Supply Ships from WW2 and After

    This DVD is a collection of Very RARE footage on USN Tankers and liberty ships build during WW2, plus Navy Cargo and supply ships that served up to the late 1960's. During WW2, the Navy just could not get enough tankers built and decided to open a new plant in Marin County. The Marine ship Corp. started to build Liberty's and the famous T-2 Tankers in record time. Sometimes, with new technology of welding, some of these ships actually broke in half. This was fixed with a large brace and off to war they went. This is a collection of some very RARE film footage on the T-2 tanker and lots of other supply ships needed for the USN. We hope you will enjoy this DVD.

    1st Film: "Marine ship Corp: USN Tanker". This is a very rare film and maybe one of the few to be seen again. It is the story of the building of a complete shipyard in 1942 and building of the famous T-2 oil tankers and of course the famous Liberty ship up to 1945. This film is in original color and narration of the plant as they built these ships from the ground up. Amazing footage. This film is so Rare that it would be easily worth the price of these DVD alone, "BUT Wait" !!!!---Just kidding, This film is worth your hard earned money for the history of it. Runtime 24:26 Min's

    2nd Film: "Of Ships and Butter". This is a USN film and tells the story of how important the USN is to protecting Freighters and Container ships around the world for our economy. Lots of fascinating Navy ships needed to protect the shipping lanes. Great footage of Cargo ships, Submarines, Carriers Destroyers, etc. Runtime 19:35 Min's

    3rd Film: "Supplies at Sea". This film is about Supply ships serving our fleet at sea, From Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, etc, the supply ships are constantly in demand. The most used method was the ship to ship through cables, to the latest method of using helicopters. Film is in color. Great stuff. Runtime 18:56 Min's.

    4th Film: "USN Supply Officer on the USS Glennon DD 840". This is a great film on what a supply officer does to keep his ship supplied. What a job! Great footage on board the DD-840 and a lot of things that need to be tracked on. Runtime 22:04 Min's

    5th Film: "Ocean to Ocean: Panama Canal". This is film about a Victory ship crossing on the Panama canal and how the canal works. A short story of the Panama canal history, to the actual crossing of the canal itself by the SS . Rushville Victory Ship. Great footage. Runtime 8:07 Min's

    6th Film: "Liberty and Victory Ship Newsreels". This is a collection of 5 Liberty and Victory Ship newsreels from launching the ships to a short story on the SS Jeremiah O'Brien that is at port at San Francisco. Fun to see. Runtime 8:54 Min's

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