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  • USN Troopships & Cargo Ships - Disc 2

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    Troopships Cargo Liberty & Victory Ships  Disc 2

    This DVD is a collection of films and newsreels on the Troopship, Cargo Ships including Liberty and Victory ships.  The big difference between a Liberty ship and a Victory ship was that a Liberty was smaller, much slower (8 knots), and powered by steam.  Because the Liberty's were so slow, they were easy prey by German submarines while crossing the Atlantic. The newer Victory ships were larger, faster, (15 knots) and powered by diesel engine.   We hope you'll enjoy.

    1st Film; "Troopship". This is a great training film produced by Warner Bros. about GI's boarding a Transport during WW2.  Staring Forest Tucker as a Captain in charge, he leads the men on board and how to function aboard a transport.  Runtime 20:39 Min's

    2nd Film; "Freighter in Port". This is a great post WWII film on the basics of a cargo ship.  From how to recognize it, how it is used and how to load it.  Great story!  Runtime 13:43 Min's

    3rd Film; "Liberty Ships".  This film is by the War Dept and is about the building of the Liberty ships.  We included a great look of the Jeremiah O'Brien which is the last remaining Liberty ship off the Pacific Coast. Runtime; 19:33 Min's.

    4th Film; "A Victory Ship is Born".  This film is about effort in building the newer Victory ships and how a crew gets trained to sail her into action.  Runtime 21:44 Min's

    5th Film; "Cargo Newsreels".  This is a collection of Cargo ship newsreels. 1st, Steamship launched in WW1. 2nd, Liberty ships to Russia. 3rd, Navy speeds launchings. 4th, Brazil joins the convoys. 4th, Liberty ship for France. 5th, Liberty ships get new life rafts. 6th, Last Liberty ship launched. 7th, Port of Antwerp. 8th, Rush to repair Cargo ships. 9th. Liberty ship rescued off the shores of India. Runtime 15:36 Min's

    6th Film; "Victory ships in Vietnam". A few newsreels on Victory Ships used in Vietnam as converted helicopter repair ships.  Runtime 9:28 min's


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