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  • WACO CG-4A Glider

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    USAAF Military Gliders of WWII

    1st Film; "Identify the WacoCG-4a".  A short USAAF film on how to identify a Waco Glider. Runtime 6:07 Min's

    2nd Film: "Glider History, Troop Carrier Command".  A Brief history on the development and use on mostly the Waco CG-4a Glider. First used in Africa against the German Afrika Korp, then to Italy, and on to Europe to win the war.  From the beginning, the glider problems and there fixes are shown in this film, then on to make the glider an important part of the Airborne experience.  Excellent footage and great to see.  This film really show the history of the Waco CG-4a and the men who used it. Runtime 50:27 Min's

    3rd Film: "Airborne Troop Carrier Maneuvers".   We are very excited to present this film and it shows the Waco CG-4a Glider and the C-46 and the C-47 used all around the world and how effective and important they were to the war effort. Runtime 16:03 Min's

    4th Film: "D-Day Gliders".  This film is is actually called "D-Day Minus one"  and it too is about the "Troop Carrier Command"  It has the famous 82nd and the 101st Airborne units using the 9th air forces with the Waco CG-4a Glider in the D-Day battle.  Great piece of history. Runtime 15:03 Min's

    5th Film;  "Gliders in Burma".  Edited from the 1 hour film "Stilwell Road".  We shortened down to 15 minutes to emphases the Airborne Gliders and troops to show vital there were to win that war. Lots of C-46's, C-47's, and the Waco CG-4a Glider. Runtime 14:59 Min's

    6th Film: "Glider Newsreels". This is a great collection of newsreels on Glider aircraft. 1. Air Assault Tactics.  2. Airborne Forces play big role in Europe.  3. Air Army invades Europe.  4. VOO-DOO Glider crosses Atlantic. Runtime 10:07 Min's

    7th Film; "RAF Horsa Glider".  3 Newsreels on the Horsa Glider in the battles over Europe. 1st. Horsea gliders land in Europe.  2nd, Rhine Barrier Smashed. 3rd, Plywood for War. Runtime 10:19 Min's

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