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    This DVD is about the the Amazing War Dogs of the military. These trained dogs were able to help throughout the wars of WW2 Korea, and Vietnam because of there keen sense of smell and hearing. hey could detect something was out of line and saved many an America GI in the process. We hope that you will enjoy this collection.

    1st Film; " The Use of War Dogs".  11:24 Min's

    2nd Film: "SinBad; The USCG Dog". This is a great film created by USCG around 1940s. Aboard the Coast Guard Cutter, Sinbad tells his on 8 year journey aboard the ship. Many ports of call and in the end, he became so famous, that they made this film about him, plus, he got the keys to New York City. Quite an honor. Anyway, a really rare and quite story. Sinbad the Sailor!!! Runtime 9:44 Min's

    3rd Film: "Scout Dogs". This is a film from the US Army's Big Picture series about the history and training of different types of dogs used in the US Army. Great film on all around information on the Army's best friend; THe Scout Dogs!!! Color. Runtime 28:38 Min's

    3rd Film: "Man's Best Friend". This is a USAF film on the use of Dogs for the Military Police. More modern the the other films, still tells a great story on how useful a trained dog is. Runtime 7:51 Min's

    4th Film: "War Dog Newsreels". These is a fun collection of the War dogs doing what they do best; help the troops. 1st, SOS Para pouch-Siberians jump out of a plane for SAR work. 2nd, Dogs in Burma. 3rd, Sled Dogs to the Rescue. 4th, Airborne Pup Training. 5th, Air Troopers get new base and Para-dog. 6th,  26th Infantry gets War Dogs. 7th, War Dogs. 8th, War Dogs train in Germany.  9th, War Dogs in Vietnam. Runtime 17:12 Min's

    5th Film: "Original Dogs of War". This is a comedy film from the 1920's Little Rascals called "Dogs of War" Needless to say, the kids will be kids as the play trench warfare of WW1. Thought it was entertaining at least. Runtime about 9:32 M

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