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    Wind-Class Icebreaker

    Navy USCG films on Eastwind Westwind Icebreakers ETC WAGB-279 281 283

    This is a collection of old Navy and Coast Guard films on the famous "Wind-Class" Icebreakers. Built in 1944 and on, they were considered the most advanced Icebreakers of the world at that time. 3 were sent to the Russians under the Lend-Lease Act to help the convoys deliver the supplies for the Russian front. The Northwind, Eastwind and the Westwind were eventually returned to the US Navy after the War. There was a total of 8 "Wind-Class" Icebreakers built and they were used until 1974, when newer and more advanced Icebreakers came on line. Most of the Wind-Class were broken up at the scrape yard, but there is one, The "Northwind" and is now a Museum in NC. Most of the Wind-Class Icebreakers were under the command of the US Coast Guard, but, there was a 16 year time period that the US Navy controlled some of them. The 1st film is one of those. These films are very rare and we hope you'll enjoy this collection.

    1st Film; "Icebreakers". This a very rare Navy film on the US Navy using the WAGB-283 Burton Island to go to it's annual weather Ice Recon. Leaving San Diego,  She went to Kodiak Island, and then onto Kinks island, the most northern port for there survey. Interesting view of life on-board the ship. There is also film on a submarine visiting there too. COLD! Runtime 13:49 Min's

    2nd Film; "Identification of Sea Ice". This too is a Navy film and explains the different types of Ice thoughtout the year. This time they are traveling on the USS Eastwind. WAGB-279. A very famous Icebreaker. Very informative. Runtime 12:29 Min's

    3rd Film; "Northern Sea Route". This is a Rare film using the USS Westwind, WAGB-281 in 1947 was under a Russian Flag. This a scientific journey traveling the Russian Northern route and ending up in the Bering Sea. Runtime 11:28 Min's.

    4th Film;"Westwind Newsreels". This is a collection of Wind-Class Icebreakers over the years. A lot of great footage. Runtime 10:14 Min's

    5th Film; "Ship, Men and Ice". This is a neat Navy historical film on the acutal story of the evolution of the Ice Ships. The story shows progress that ultimately lead to the Icebreaker design that we have today. On of the greatest breakthroughs was using a rounded hull without a center keel. This allowed the ice to lift the ship as it hardens instead of crushing the ship. Runtime 18:06 min's

    6th Film. "Antarctic Icebreaker". This is nice color film on-board the USS Westwind, WAGB-281on a expedition the  Antarctic and there work there. These ships really role, up to 60 degrees because they don't have that center keel. On this voyage, they all take it stride. This ship has really traveled the world. Amazing! RunTime 15:04 Min's

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