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  • Women Of WWII Disc 2

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    Women of WWII Disc 2

    This DVD is a collection Films and newsreels on the Women of WW2. We hope you will enjoy this DVD.

    This DVD is about More on Women of WW2. This DVD is our 2nd disc and it too has some very rare films of women's contribution to the ware effort. These films are well worth watching for those who are interested in Women's history. Great contribution to winning the War. Great footage of this event and we hope you'll enjoy these film, we certainly did..

    1st film: "Wacs are Soldiers Too". This film was about Women in the army at Boot Camp. The privilege of serving the United States Army in uniform is no longer limited to men. To prepare the women who will serve with the Regular Army, the Women's Army Corps recently opened a new training center at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Runtime 28:08 Min's.

    2nd Film: "Italy, The Red Cross". This film show a lot of really good footage of the the Red Cross Women serving our troops fighting in WW2. Amazing piece of American history. Runtime 23:22 Min's

    3d Film: "100 Million Women". This is a RARE British Film about Russian Women of WW2. This film is of the bravery of the Russian women during WW2. I always wondered where SNL got there skit on Russian Women Fashion, There are some footage here that might explain that. Runtime 7:49 Min's.

    4th Film: "WWII Manpower". A War Dept film on how America adapted the population that was not in the military to how build products for the war effort. Runtime 8:33 Min's

    5th Film. "Women of WWII Newsreels". This is a collection of WACs WAVES of WW2. 1st, Workers Build 5000th Boeing B-17. 2nd, American Women in the News. 3rd, Heavy Rains slow Allies in Italy-Red Cross hand out donuts. 4th, Fifth War Bond Parade. 5th, 300 Texas belles dance with flyers. 6th, Women at Work. 7th, 40 hours in Paris. 8th, Back Home-Women at the factories. 9th, Girl lifeguards replace men in Australia. 10th,  Women war effort in Canada. 11th, USCG Women holds 1st B-Day. 12th, Americans in the News. 13th, US airbases in Russia.  Run Time 21:36 Min's

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